Two major problems that are easy to occur in BOPP matte film.
First, BOPP touch matte film products bubble for the following reasons:
1: The ink layer of printing is not dry: hot pressing again before gluing can also delay the date of touching the film, so that it is completely dry.
2: Ink layer is too thick: we can appropriate to increase the amount of glue, improve the pressure and composite temperature.
3: The surface temperature of the composite roll is too high: take cooling measures such as air cooling, close the electric heating wire, and reduce the temperature of the composite roll as soon as possible.
4: Too small pressure: Because the pressure is too small, there are air bubbles on the entire surface of the print. Therefore, the pressure of pressure rollers can be appropriately increased.
5: BOPP matte film drying temperature is too high: drying temperature is too high. So it will make the adhesive surface crust, leading to foaming failure. At this time should be appropriate to reduce the drying temperature.
6: Causes of film formation: Foaming failure caused by film wrinkling or relaxation, uneven film formation or curling can be solved by adjusting tension or replacing qualified film.
7: High concentration of adhesive: high concentration of adhesive, high viscosity or uneven coating, low dosage is also one of the reasons. At this time, thinner should be used to reduce the binder concentration, or increase the amount of coating and uniformity.

Second, BOPP matte film products appear the main reason of contact film fold.
1: The transfer roller of the BOPP dumb film is unbalanced, and the ends of both the membrane are inconsistent.
2: There are ripples, the glue layer is too thick
3: The ends of the electric heating roller and the rubber roller are uneven, the pressure is inconsistent, and the line speed is different.
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