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PET Metalizing Base Film

Polyester Metalizing Base Film is the base film for metallized film. It is typically made of polyester, which has good heat resistance, chemical resistance, and mechanical strength.

Product Details

*Good transparency and luster.
*Has good air tightness and fragrance retention
*Tensile strength and impact strength are much higher than ordinary films
*Good strength, stable size, suitable for secondary processing such as *printing and paper bags
*Has excellent heat resistance, cold resistance and good chemical resistance and oil resistance


Widely used in the printing industry, such as lamination packaging and metalizing base film.

Technical Information

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Difference between Polyester Metalizing Base Film and PET Metalizing Film

PET Metalizing Base Film is a base film for metallized films. It is usually made of polyester and has good heat resistance, chemical resistance and mechanical strength.Its surface is usually pretreated to improve the adhesion of the metal layer.

PET Metalizing Film is the final product of the metalized film. It consists of Polyester Metalizing Base Film and a metal layer. The metal layer is usually made of aluminum and can be applied by methods such as vacuum deposition or electromagnetic deposition.

Characteristics  PET Metalizing Base Film PET Metalizing Film
Function Base film for metallized film Final product of metallized film
Material Polyester Polyester + Metal
Surface treatment Pre-treatment  None
Application Production of PET Metalizing Film Direct use

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