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Manual Stretch Film

Manual stretch wrap can reduce the noise produced during winding and stretching. And reduce the dust and sand during transportation and storage.

Product Details

Material: PE
Thickness: 15mic-20mic
Width: 5cm-45cm
Stretch rate (region): 200%-400%
Color: transparent (other colors can be customized based on customer needs)

Hand Stretch Film Characteristic:

*High transparency and low haze
*Excellent puncture resistance, tear resistance and tensile strength
*Maintain the protection and workability of stretch film
*Good flexibility, not easy to damage, moisture-proof
*High bidirectional tensile ratio

Hand Stretch Wrap Technical Information

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Manual Stretch Wrap Application:

Used to unitize pallet loads, but also may be used for wrapping smaller items together. Outstanding adhesion properties on the inner side of the pallet wrap ensure secure bonding. Prevent goods from damage in the process of handling, and play the role of dust-proof, moisture-proof and cleaning.

Production standard:

1: There is no black impurity. And the mold should be cleaned.
2: The paper tube must be aligned. The standard white space on both sides is 1CM.
3: When packing, you should pay attention to protect the edge from the collision. It can avoid quality problems caused by edge rupture.
4.: Minimize the surface wrinkles at both ends. And the white pressed lines in the middle.
5: Cut the broken edge neatly. But it can not be shipped as finished products if the cut uneven. So when making goods, both ends must be rolled neatly.

Buying guide:

When choosing manual stretch film, you can consider the following factors:
1. Material: High-quality manual stretch film is usually made of high-quality polyethylene material, which has good tensile properties and wear resistance.
2. Thickness: The thickness of manual stretch film is usually measured in “microns” or “meters”. Thicker membranes are generally more durable but may increase cost. Choose the appropriate thickness based on your needs.
3. Width: The width of the manual stretch film will also affect its use effect. Wider membranes can cover larger items more quickly but may be too wasteful for smaller items. Choose the appropriate width based on the size of the items you want to pack.
4. Stretch rate: Manual stretch film usually has a certain stretch, which helps to wrap items better and provide better protection. Choose a membrane with the appropriate stretch ratio to ensure it covers and secures items.
5. Price and quality: Consider the balance between price and quality of manual stretch film. Cheaper membranes may sacrifice some quality, while higher quality membranes may be more durable and offer better protection.
6. User reviews and suggestions: Check the reviews and suggestions of other users before purchasing to understand the advantages and disadvantages of different brands and types of manual stretch film, which will help you make a more informed choice.
7. Purchase method: Manual stretch film can be purchased at local stores or online stores. Compare prices and services across different channels and choose the purchase route that best suits you.
8. Environmental protection: Give priority to the use of hand-wrapped films that meet environmental protection standards, and try to avoid using materials that pollute the environment.

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