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Machine Stretch Film

Machine stretch film or machine stretch wrap is designed to be applied with a stretch wrap machine. Machine stretch film is the ideal solution for large to medium scale operations intending to wrap products efficiently and quickly.

Product Details

Material: PE
Thickness: 20mic-45mic;
Width: 45CM-100CM;
Elongation: 300%-500%;
Color: Transparent.(Other colors can be customized according to customer needs).
Certificate: ISO
Service: All types of pe stretch films are produced, if you need to customize production, please contact us.

Machine Stretch Film Characteristic:

*High transparency and low haze
*Excellent puncture resistance, tear resistance and tensile strength
*Maintain the protection and workability of stretch film
*Good flexibility, not easy to damage, moisture-proof
*High bidirectional tensile ratio

Benefits Between Different Films:

1. Stretching winding film is frequently used to wrap, and it is ideal for bundling and unitizing a number of small, individual, irregular shaped items into larger loads.
2. Transparent films provide perfect clarity for scanning labels.
3. Colored films are used for identifying, differentiating and color coding products when storage and shipping.
4. Black films conceal shipments to defer theft and protect products from fading due to exposure to the sun.
5. Stretching winding film packaging than shrink packaging to save raw materials, and do not need heat shrink packaging machine, save energy.

Technical Information

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Machine Stretch Film Application:

Equipped with automatic winding machine, widely used in foreign trade export, food, beverage, paper, plastic chemicals, glass ceramics, castings and other products packaging.Prevent goods from damage in the process of handling, and play the role of dust-proof, moisture-proof and cleaning.

Cast stretch film also called cast film or cast wrap, is manufactured using the cast extrusion process. Typical characteristics of cast stretch films are: excellent optics, clear, glossy, superior tear resistance, quiet unwind, consistent cling, and consistent film thickness.
Blown stretch film is manufactured using the blown film extrusion process. Typical characteristics are: poor optics, hazy, dull, excellent puncture resistance, noisier unwind, and high force on load.

In comparison to hand stretch film, machine stretch film offers a number of benefits

● More efficient and faster product packaging
● Reduced cost of packaging materials
● Safer application
● More secure, safer loads

About PE Stretch Film Manufacturer:

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