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China’s most professional and reliable supplier of lamination film products. We export to more than 50 countries. Not only a strong supplier, but also an excellent service provider.

Gloss Lamination Film

Gloss Lamination Film

*Improved Visual Appearance
*Improved Durability
*Water and Oil Resistant
*Easy To Clean

Usage:Glossy side glued with paper or other base film compound,commonly used in books,advertising books,gift bags surface composite,the appearance soft,silky and three-dimensional.


Lamination Matt Film

*Excellent separation from oil
*High tensile strength
*Excellent ink and coating adhesion
*High matt property

Usage:food packaging, confectionery packaging (twisted conjunctiva), pharmaceutical packaging (IV bags), composite materials to replace PVC in photo albums,etc.


matte laminating film
BOPP laminated woven bag

Woven Bags Lamination Film

*High transparency and glossy
*Excellent flatness
*Excellent ink and coating adhesion
*Excellent mechanical property
*Excellent grease barrier performance
*Good resistance to scratching performance

Usage: Usually used for printing and lamination with rice bags,feed bags.


Why Choose Us As Your Lamination Film Suppliers

1. High Quality. Adopt high quality materials and have strict quality control process.
2. Provide many customized options. We offer a wide range of laminated films with different materials, thicknesses and finishes to choose from to meet your different needs.
3. Provide competitive price. Committed to providing the best possible value to our customers.
4. Wide range of applications. Our laminated films can be used in a variety of applications, including food packaging, retail packaging, industrial packaging and more.
5. Perfect after-sales service. We have an experienced and professional team to serve every customer.

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