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Semi Retort Film

Semi retort film is a type of cast polypropylene (CPP) film that is designed for use in retort packaging.

Product Details

01 High temperature resistance,good barrier performance,no deformation under 121℃ and 135℃ retort sterilization.
02 Chemical resistance: It can resist the corrosion of chemical substances such as grease, acid and alkali.
03 Barrier property: It can prevent the penetration of water vapor, oxygen, carbon dioxide and other gases and microorganisms.
04 Transparency: It has good transparency and can clearly show the product’s packaging design.
05 Printability: It can be printed with various patterns and characters, which can improve the attractiveness of the products.

Typical Thickness


Semi Retort CPP Film Application

Suitable for the application in meat, been curd, juice,agricultural products and medical supplies.

Technical Information

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