Packaging Film Manufacturer

We provide different types of packaging films (cling film, stretch film, aluminum film) and provide customized services (thickness, width, roll length, color, etc.).

Plastic Film Manufacturer

We provide different types of packaging films (BOPP film, CPP film, Metalized Film, Shrink Film) and provide customized services (thickness, width, roll length, color, etc.).

Customized Packaging Solutions

Our company produces different types of films and provides customized services (thickness, width, roll length, color, etc.), which are environmentally friendly and biodegradable.

Featured Products

Food Grade Cling Film

Food Grade Cling Film

Our Food Grade Cling Film is available in PVC and PE varieties and can be customized to your specific needs…

biaxially oriented polypropylene film


We offer a wide variety of BOPP films, including lamination films, pearlized films, heat sealable films, printed films, etc.

Shrinkable Film

Shrink Film

We offer shrink films made from a variety of materials., including PVC, PE, PETG, and POF, and are suitable for a wide range of applications.

wrap stretch film

PE Stretch Film

We offer a comprehensive range of stretch films for various applications, including machine stretch film, manual stretch film, etc.

cast polypropylene film

CPP Film

Our CPP films encompass a wide range of options, including low-temperature laminated CPP, heat sealable CPP, and Hi retort film.

Polyester Film

PET Film

PET film is a versatile material with a wide range of properties that make it suitable for a variety of applications.

metalized film packaging

Metalized Film

Our diverse range of metallized films encompasses various materials, including PET, CPP, and PE, along with VMBOPP and non-heat sealable films.

Aluminum Foil

Food Grade Aluminum Foil

Our food-grade aluminum foil is the perfect choice for packaging a wide range of culinary delights, We also offer customized solutions.

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YIREE is a packaging manufacturer from China that has been focusing on packaging films and related products. We Know the World Market, We Can Provide Good Quality And Competitive Prices, Advanced Laboratories, 5 Senior engineers with more than 20 Years of Experience.

So, boost your business with YIREE cling films, Heat Sealable BOPP Film,BOPP films, CPP films, Metalized Film,Aluminum foils, Stretch film, Shrink film, etc. Furthermore, YIREE is your ultimate partner when it comes to customizations.

Most professional and reliable supplier of plastic packaging film products in China. We export to more than 50 countries. Not only a powerful supplier but also an excellent service provider.


Why Choose Us As Your Packing Film Supplier



We can go beyond limits to bring the best for you.

Flexible Pricing

Flexible Pricing

Flexible pricing saves customers money

Good reputation

Good reputation

Good reputation in the industry, recognized by many customers.

Reliable Supply Chain

Reliable Supply Chain

We have a stable supply chain to ensure timely delivery



Honest dealing, and effective after-sales services



Eco-friendly, recyclable, and bio-degradable plastic films.

Custom Plastic Packaging Film Case

Provide customized services, customize logo, size, color, packaging, etc. according to customer needs

custom cling film package
custom cling film
custom pe cling film
custom pvc cling film

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“YIREE FLEXPACK is a professional packing film manufacturer, the product quality is very satisfactory, and the cooperation is very pleasant.


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What is tobacco film

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