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PE Shrink Film

PE shrink film, also known as polyethylene shrink film, is a type of plastic film that shrinks when heated. the use of mechanical stretching device or manual tensile film forced stretching of the deformation stress, the goods wrapped tightly for easy transport, storage of a packaging method, is a very hushan in the international form of packaging.

Product Details

Raw materials: Main ingredient LDPE
Production process: Blown by film blowing machine
Thickness:20-150 microns
Width: Generally 20cm-100cm
Length: According to customer requirements

PE Shrink Film Structure Diagram

PE Shrink Film Structure Diagram


*High flexibility, not easy to break, strong tear resistance, strong tensile force, can replace box packaging.
*The shrinkage rate is large.And the goods can be tightly wrapped after heat shrinkage, with strong bearing capacity and easy handling.
*Good transparency, able to display products and invisibly promote products. It also reduces the distribution errors in the logistics link.
*Moisture-proof, waterproof and dustproof. It can not only achieve the packaging effect, but also beautify and protect the product.
*Non-toxic, tasteless and non-polluting are environmentally friendly packaging material.

Polyethylene Shrink Wrap Application

Suitable for beverages, mineral water, beer, pharmaceuticals, composite flooring, palletizing, building materials, metal products, dairy products, glass bottles, industrial paper and other large-scale packaging equipment and items.

Customized service

According to customer needs, it can be processed into tube film, L-shaped center-folded film and single wound film, and can be processed into tube bags, flat bags, trapezoidal bags, etc.

Polyethylene Shrink Film Technical Information

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