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BOPP Tape Jumbo Roll

BOPP tape jumbo roll refers to a large, un-slit version of Bopp (Bi-Oriented Polypropylene) packing tape. It’s essentially the raw material for smaller, more commonly used Bopp tapes you see in homes and businesses.

Product Details

*High transparency
*Good brightness
*Excellent holding capacity, high tensile strength
*Good transparency, Smooth cutting.
*Good elongation, strong adhesion, waterproof.
*Eco friendly material, anti-aging, anti-corrosion.

Typical Thickness

36mic – 70mic


It is widely used in carton sealing and packaging, warehouse storage of goods, product sealing and fixation, sealing of transparent packaging, and slitting of finished sealing tape.

Jumbo Roll Adhesive Tape Technical Information

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