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Bopp Flower Film

Bopp flower film, short for Bi-axially Oriented Polypropylene Flower Wrapping Film, is a type of transparent, flexible plastic film specifically designed for wrapping flowers and other delicate objects.

Product Details

1.Antistatic and antiblocking properties
2.High quality of rotogravure printing
3.Very good mechanical properties
4.Low permeability of odoriferous substances and steam


*High-quality rotogravure and flexographic printing
*Wrapping gifts and flowers, floristry
*For packaging of products that do not require sealing

Flower Bopp Film Technical Information

Why Choose Our Bopp Flower Wrapping Film

1. Durable: resists punctures and tears, protecting flowers during transportation and storage.
2.Waterproof: Retains moisture and prevents flowers from wilting.
3. Flexible and soft: easily conforms to the shape of flowers and other delicate items without tearing or damaging them.
4. Heat sealable: creates a secure closure.
5.Available in a variety of thicknesses and textures: from thin and delicate to thicker, sturdier options to meet different needs.
6. Printable: custom printing is available for branding or personalization.

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