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Overlaminate Film

BOPP Overlaminate Film, also known as Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene Overlaminate Film, is a specific type of thermal laminating film used for a variety of applications, particularly in packaging and labeling.

Product Details

Typical Measures :
Width (mm): from 30- 810
Length (mts): 400M 1000M 2000M 3000M 4000M
Thickness(µm) of base film: 19±1
Thickness(µm) of glue: 5±1
Total Thickness(µm): 24±1
Paper core ID(mm):76mm


*Good highlights and transparency, extremely high color reproduction, no edge shrinkage, no wrinkles.
*Suitable initial tack and excellent adhesion
*Water-based environmentally friendly glue, no need to heat the film, improves production efficiency and is easy to operate

Bopp Overlaminate Film Usage

BOPP Overlaminate film based on BOPP film and coated with environmentally friendly water-based glue. It is used for the coating protection of printed labels such as paper, PET, PP synthetic paper, etc. It has the characteristics of high light and high transparency, and the product winding length can reach 4000 meters, which improves production efficiency and reduces the number of roll changes.

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