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Tobacco film is a type of film used to package tobacco products. It typically refers to a type of plastic film made from materials such as polyethylene, polypropylene, polyester, etc. and is used to protect tobacco from moisture and other contaminants.

Product Details

Thickness: 15,18,25,27,30,35mic,Special specification can be customized according to customer requirements.
Width: Small width, 10-30cm


*Good anti-static performance,high stiffness,high slippery,high gloss,low haze
*Wide range of heat sealling,high sealling strength,excellent water vapor barrier
*Uniform thickness and wide range of shrinkae contro
*At the same time have a certain anti-red anti-wrinkle,scratch-resistant ability to wear,the packaging effect is smooth and beautiful.

Non-cigarette package uses

In addition to tobacco packaging,in the field of non-cigarette package uses a wide range of square boxes health products,medicines,tea,food,cosmetics,flexible packaging.

Use of cigarette packets

Soft-care cigarette packets with a regular film or low-shrink film,hard-box cigarette pack with high-shrink film,a box of cigarettes with ordinary tobacco film or high shrink film packaging.

Technical Information

Production Process

Ingredients and Mixing: Ingredients and additives are proportionally mixed according to the formula, thoroughly blended using mixing equipment to ensure uniform distribution of raw materials.
Melting Extrusion: The mixed raw materials are melted at high temperature and extruded into sheets or films using an extruder.
Cooling and Traction: The extruded film undergoes rapid cooling through a cooling device and continuous traction by a traction device to maintain its smoothness and continuity.
Stretching and Thermal Setting: The film is stretched to a certain extent and then thermally set to stabilize its dimensions and relieve internal stresses.
Winding and Cutting: The formed film is wound using a winding device and can be cut into different sizes of cigarette film according to requirements.

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