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Tobacco Film

Tobacco film is a type of film used to package tobacco products. This type of film is usually made of cellulose acetate or cellophane and is used to protect tobacco from moisture and other contaminants.

Product Details

*Good anti-static performance,high stiffness,high slippery,high gloss,low haze
*Wide range of heat sealling,high sealling strength,excellent water vapor barrier
*Uniform thickness and wide range of shrinkae contro
*At the same time have a certain anti-red anti-wrinkle,scratch-resistant ability to wear,the packaging effect is smooth and beautiful.

Typical Thickness

18,20,21,22mic,Special specification can be customized according to customer requirements.

Non-cigarette package uses

In addition to tobacco packaging,in the field of non-cigarette package uses a wide range of square boxes health products,medicines,tea,food,entertainment,cosmetics,flexible packaging.

Use of cigarette packets

Soft-care cigarette packets with a regular film or low-shrink film,hard-box cigarette pack with high-shrink film,a box of cigarettes with ordinary tobacco film or high shrink film packaging.

Technical Information

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