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Cling film manufacturer told it can be used to pack foods by semi-automatic and automatic packaging machine to keep the good fresh longer and it can be used in the fridge, freezer and microwave.

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We produce Food Wrap Cling Film from FDA-approved safe materials. These films do not contain any, chlorine content,or other harmful chemicals that could affect human health.

pvc cling film

PVC Cling Film

PVC cling film has very good transparency, barrier properties and heat resistance, so in some cases it is more popular than PE cling film.

Machine Use PVC Cling Film

Machine Use PVC Cling Film

Machine plastic films are available in various thicknesses, widths and lengths to meet different packaging needs.

Manual Use PVC Cling Wrap

Manual Use PVC Cling Wrap

Manual PVC cling film includes PVC Cling Film Master Roll, Kraft Carton PVC Cling Film, Color boxes PVC Cling Film, Retail Size PVC Cling Film


PE Cling Film

PE cling film is non-toxic, odorless, highly transparent and has good barrier properties, making it very popular in the market.

Machine Use PE Cling Film

Machine Use PE Cling Film

Width (mm): from 300 to 500
Length (mts): from 500 to 1500
Thickness(µm): 15-20

Manual Use PE Film Packaging

Manual Use PE Film Packaging

Manual use PE film packaging offers a simple and cost-effective way to protect and secure various products.It’s a simple and convenient method for low-volume applications.

Perforated Cling Film

Perforated Cling Film

Perforated plastic wrap has regularly spaced holes or perforations on its surface.The main purpose is to circulate air and moisture around the food, which helps prevent it from spoiling or becoming soggy.

If you don’t find the food Plastic wrap you want, we can provide customized services and get a free consultation to get a quote.

What Is Cling Film

Cling film(Plastic wrap) is a thin, flexible, and transparent plastic sheet. It is ideal for wrapping and covering food items as it adheres to the surface and to itself too.How does the film adhere to itself?

What Is Cling Film Made Of?

Cling film is a plastic wrap that is either made from low-density Polyethylene (PE) or PVC. Common cling wrap thickness is roughly 0.5 thousandth of an inch (12.5 μm) thick. Although the trend has been to produce thinner plastic wrap, particularly for household use (so very little stretch is needed), so now the majority of brands on shelves around the world are 8, 9 or 10 μm thick.

Cling Wrap  Film Characteristics

High optical transparency:Allowing you to clearly see the condition of the food.
Good stretchability:To easily wrap food of various shapes.
Good heat resistance:Allowing you to use it for refrigeration, freezing, and microwave heating.
Non-toxic:In compliance with food safety standards.
Customizable:According to customer needs, company logo, size, packaging, etc. can be customized.
BPA-free:without any plasticizers such as phthalates, stabilizers, chlorine content, or any chemicals harmful to human health.
Eco-friendly: recyclable and does not release any harmful substances to the environment.

Cling Wrap Uses:

It is most widely used to wrap food items like meat, chicken, vegetables, fruits, etc.
Cling film protects the banana from over-ripening by wrapping this film around the stem of the banana.
It is used to remove stubborn stickers.
Cling film is suitable to fix drafty windows.
You can use cling film to pack or store cutlery.
Catering cling film can be used to prevent painting tools from drying out.
Most people usually cover the shelves of the fridge with cling film. In case of any spill, it is easy to remove the film. Thus cling films can keep fridge shelves clean.

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Saran Wrap Production&Loading

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Production Lines

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Slitting Machine



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Finished Products

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FAQ About Food Grade Plastic Wrap

Can we print our logo on it?

Yes, we can print your design and logo on the paper core. Printing a single-color design on the neutral paper core is free of charge. For printing color designs, you will need to provide the design file, and we will calculate the printing cost based on the actual design.
If you order a 40-foot container, printing on the paper core is free. For orders smaller than a 40-foot container, the cost for printing on one face of the core is approximately $300.

The design for the color box isn't finalized yet?

We have a professional design department that can create and print the design for you. You’ll need to specify the number of colors for us to calculate the price. However, the final price will depend on the actual design. If the design is not too complex, the price should remain relatively stable.

Why is the actual roll weight lighter than the weight specified in the contract?

In the production process, there may be slight variations in equipment, with deviations of up to 0.1 kg being considered normal. It’s not accurate to judge the weight based on just two or three rolls. We need to weigh dozens of rolls to determine whether there are variations in weight, some heavier and some lighter.

Which is better in quality, PVC or PE?

Both PVC and PE are of good quality and are food-grade materials. You can rest assured of their quality. PVC offers better transparency, while PE is more cost-effective. The choice between them depends on the preferences of your local market regarding material type.

Why is your cling film not very adhesive?

Cling film becomes stickier when stretched. In its non-stretched state, the adhesion is relatively low. During normal usage, the film is usually stretched lengthwise, which provides good adhesion between layers. Adhesion can be adjusted to some extent, but making it excessively sticky can lead to issues like oiling and delamination.

Why do your products appear cloudy and low in quality when first produced?

Freshly produced items contain air inside, making them appear less transparent and somewhat cloudy. Generally, they require a maturation period of 15-30 days, depending on temperature conditions. However, since sea shipping times are typically long, the products you receive will have matured and appear as intended.

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