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VMBOPP Non-heat Seal Film

VMBOPP non-heat seal film is a type of biaxially-oriented polypropylene (BOPP) film that does not have a heat-activated adhesive on either side.

Product Details

Typical thickness:
Thickness: 15-50μm
Length: 6000m
Internal Core Diameter: 76&152mm
External Core Diameter: 390-640mm


*The aluminum layer is uniform and dense, with strong adhesion.
*Excellent barrier performance and good fresh-keeping effect.
*High metal brightness, good shading effect.
*The overall performance is stable, resistant to temperature, stretching, and effectively resists impact.


Suitable for puffed food and high barrier sealed packaging.
Suitable for printing and composite product packaging.
It is specially used for packaging of tea, medicine, candy, etc.

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