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VMBOPP Non-heat Seal Film

VMBOPP non-heat seal film is a type of biaxially-oriented polypropylene (BOPP) film that does not have a heat-activated adhesive on either side.

Product Details

Typical thickness:
Thickness: 15-50μm
Length: 6000m
Internal Core Diameter: 76&152mm
External Core Diameter: 390-640mm


*The aluminum layer is uniform and dense, with strong adhesion;
*Excellent barrier performance and good fresh-keeping effect;
*High metal brightness, good shading effect;
*The overall performance is stable, resistant to temperature, stretching, and effectively resists impact.


Suitable for puffed food and high barrier sealed packaging;
Suitable for printing and composite product packaging;
It is specially used for packaging of tea, medicine, candy, etc.

Technical Information

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