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CPP film(cast polypropylene film) is a type of plastic film made from polypropylene. It is produced by casting the molten polymer onto a cooled surface, which gives the film its smooth, unoriented (non-stretched) structure.

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Production process of CPP film

1.Polypropylene resin processing: Melt the polypropylene resin into a fluid and add additives for processing.
2.Melt extrusion: Extrusion the molten polypropylene fluid into a thin film.
3.Film cooling: Cool and shape the extruded film.
4.Film winding: Wind the cooled film into a roll.

cpp film workshop machines
cpp film machines

CPP Film Properties

✦High transparency
✦Good heat resistance
✦Good low-temperature resistance
✦Good chemical resistance
✦Good recyclability
✦Good tear resistance and puncture resistance

Cast Polypropylene Film Advantage

● Cast polypropylene film can be ultrasonically or thermally sealed without the use of any specialty coatings, whereas BOPP does not heat seal well without the use of specialty heat seal coatings.
● CPP Film has better barrier properties than most other polyethylene and PVC films.
● Cast polypropylene film is gaining favor as the material of choice in both traditional flexible packaging as well as non-packing applications.
● Cast polypropylene film has a higher tear and impact resistance, and better cold temperature performance and heat-sealing properties.
● There are various types of CPP films like general CPP, retort grade CPP, metalized CPP, solid white CPP and several other applications depending on the requirement and end application.

CPP Film Application

✮Food packaging
✮Pharmaceutical packaging
✮Cosmetic packaging
✮Electronic product packaging
✮Steam cooking packaging
✮Stationery packaging
✮Outer packaging
✮Flower packaging
✮Industrial packaging

Between CPP Film And Other Types Of Film

BOPP film: BOPP film is another type of polypropylene film that is made by biaxially orienting the film. BOPP film is generally stronger and more durable than CPP film, but it is also more expensive.Cast polypropylene film is widely used in food packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, and electronic product packaging, while BOPP film is widely used in printing packaging and clothing packaging.
LDPE film: LDPE film is a type of low-density polyethylene film that is made by low-pressure extrusion. LDPE film is less expensive than CPP film, but it is not as strong or durable.
HDPE film: HDPE film is a type of high-density polyethylene film that is made by high-pressure extrusion. HDPE film is stronger and more durable than LDPE film, but it is also more expensive.

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