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PE Metalized Film

PE metalized film is a type of polyethylene (PE) film that has been coated with a thin layer of aluminum.

Product Details

Typical Measures:
Thickness: 40-100μm
Length: 3000-6000m
Internal Core Diameter: 76&152mm
External Core Diameter: 400-650mm

Metalized Polyethylene Film Features

*The heat sealing strength and sealing effect are better than CPP and OPP types;
*High barrier performance (water vapor, oxygen), meeting the requirements of inflatable packaging;
*Soft and strong texture, tear-resistant;
*Low volatility of fragrance and strong retention performance.

Metalized PE Film Application

1.Suitable for biscuits, potato chips, fruits and vegetables and other inflatable food packaging;
2.Suitable for dry food packaging of nuts such as pistachios and macadamia nuts;

Technical Information

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