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Bopp Pearlized Film

Bopp Pearlized Film is white opaque, satin-like texture, soft and pleasing pearl luster, low density,good shading (especially obvious for UV blocking) and excellent flatness and gas barrier properties.

Pearlized Film

*Strong shading, filtering most visible light effects
*Very low density, weight per unit area, low cost
*High gloss, pearl luster, strong sense of visual fashion
*Good heat sealing performance, excellent ink adhesion


pearlized films
Pearlized Label Film

Pearlized Label Film

Used for Single-side treatment corona products can be printed after the PET bottles of soft drinks around the labeling,the product has high stiffness, to meet the high-speed labeling machine.

Double-side corona treatment products can be printed in the main surface of the corona surface glue, with the release of the paper after the composite, for self-adhesive label.


Synthetic paper

* High gloss
* Excellent adhesion
* Good stiffness and folding endurance
* Extremely low density
* Excellent whiteness and matt capacity


Synthetic Paper

Pearlized Bopp Film Features

1. High gloss, pearl luster, strong visual sense of fashion;
2. Extremely low density, weight per unit area, and low cost;
3. Strong light shading, filtering most visible light effects;
4. Good heat sealing performance and excellent ink adhesion;
5. Low static electricity;
6. Good printing lamination performance;

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Types of pearlized film

1.Biaxially oriented polypropylene (BOPP) pearlized film: This type of film is made from polypropylene and has a high gloss finish. It is often used for food packaging and other applications where a high-quality finish is required.
2.Polyester pearlized film: This type of film is made from polyester and has a slightly lower gloss finish than BOPP pearlized film. It is often used for cosmetics and other applications where a more luxurious finish is desired.
3.Acrylic pearlized film: This type of film is made from acrylic and has a very high gloss finish. It is often used for signage and other applications where a high-impact look is desired.

Advantages of BOPP Pearlized Film

1. High Gloss: Good brightness, strong pearl effect, small roughness and few bumps, which can make prints more eye-catching and attractive.
2. Durability: Very durable and can resist scratches and abrasions.
3. Transparency: Good transparency, which makes prints clearly visible.
4. Versatility: Can be used in a variety of applications including packaging, labeling, advertising and decoration.Suitable for flexo, letterpress, offset, silk screen and other printing, with good color reproduction.

Applications of BOPP Pearlized Film

Widely used in other substrates covering art printing, general packaging purposes, Popsicle, ice cream, ice cream and other cold drink packaging.
Candy, soap and other items packaging or used for soy milk, mineral water and other surround-label stickers.
Suitable for all kinds of advanced food packaging, can also be used for toys, flowers and other packaging, can be directly made into all kinds of hot sealing bags.
It can also replace paper for decoration.

Pearl Bopp Film Product Workshop

Bopp Pearlized Film Workshop

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