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PET Metalized Film

PET Metalized Film, also known as aluminized PET film, is a type of polyester film that has been coated with a thin layer of aluminum.

Product Details

Typical Measures:
Thickness: 12μm
Length: 6000m
Internal Core Diameter: 76&152mm
External Core Diameter: 320-380mm

Metalized PET Film Features

*Excellent barrier performance and good fresh-keeping effect.
*The aluminum layer is uniform and dense, suitable for various types of printing.
*The film has good stiffness and scratch resistance, and is suitable for the outer layer of composite packaging.

Metalized Polyester Film

Suitable for high-end gift outer packaging. Such as tea, milk powder and other high-barrier sealed packaging. According to specific functional requirements, it can be compounded with high heat-sealing PE/CPP film.

Met PET Film Technical Information

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