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PET Twist Film

PET twist film is a specific type of packaging material made from bi-axially oriented polyethylene terephthalate (PET).

Product Details

* Polyester PET twist film has superior performance, suitable for high-speed automatic packaging;
* Cold resistance, suitable for twisted food packaging;
*Melting heat sealing, no bad smell and no toxic gases, in line with environmental requirements;
* Longitudinal and transverse twisting angle without rupture, twisting force rebound less, can be tightly attached to the candy fixed, moisture preservation and aroma of grease-resistant performance is excellent;
* High transparency and gloss without crystalline printing aluminized decorative and can be better reflected in the appearance of the product quality.

PET Twist Film Feature

*Excellent tensile strength and water resistance.
*Excellent kinking properties.
*Environmentally friendly, non-toxic.
*Excellent printed aluminized decorative properties..
*Excellent resistance to moisture, fragrance and grease.


Twist wrap packaging is widely used in candy, small food, gifts, fruit twist packaging, such as beef jerky, cold fruit and other products twist packaging, is an environmentally friendly material instead of PVC.

PET Twist Films Technical Information

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