Polyethylene Stretch Film

Polyethylene stretch film used with silage baling machine, specially for silage corn, alfalfa and other silage cattle and sheep feed used

PE stretch film, also known as polyethylene stretch film, is a type of plastic film. it is a multi-layer stretch film manufactured by co-extrusion and casting.It is ideal for wrapping pallets and protective packaging, boxes and/or similar products. We also offer a variety of pre-stretch, thicknesses and sizes.

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Machine Stretch Film

Machine Stretch Film

Machine stretch film is a type of stretch film that is applied using a machine. It is typically used in high-volume packaging operations where a manual application would be too time-consuming or inefficient…

manual stretch film roll

Hand Stretch Film

Hand stretch film is applied manually using a handheld dispenser. It is available in a variety of thicknesses and widths.It is typically used for smaller loads or objects with an irregular shape…

Stretch Film With Handle

Stretch Film With Handle

Mini Stretch film refers to a type of stretch wrap or stretch film that includes built-in handles for ease of use during the packaging process. These handles are usually pre-installed on the roll…

Pre-Stretch Film

Pre-Stretch Film

Pre-stretch film, also known as pre-stretched film or prestretched stretch wrap, is a type of packaging material commonly used…

Stretch Film Jumbo Rolls

Stretch Film Jumbo Rolls

Stretch film jumbo rolls refer to large rolls of stretch film that are used as the primary source material for producing smaller rolls of stretch film…

Color Stretch Film

Color Stretch Film

Color stretch film refers to stretch wrap or stretch film that comes in various colors. This type of stretch film is often used for both practical and aesthetic purposes…

Grass Silage Film

Grass Silage Film

Grass Silage Film is used for silage corn, alfalfa, and other silage for cattle and sheep. Forage film is machine-made and is divided into inner and outer films…

If you don’t find the Stretch Wrap & Pallet Wrap you want, we can provide customized services and get a free consultation to get a quote.

Polyethylene Stretch Film Features

*High transparency and low haze
*Excellent puncture resistance, tear resistance and tensile strength
*Maintain the protection and workability of stretch film
*Good flexibility, not easy to damage, moisture-proof
*High bidirectional tensile ratio
*Available in clear, color or printed versions
*Cost saving: The use of industrial plastic wrap for product packaging, can effectively reduce the cost of use, the use of only the original box packaging of about 15%, thermal shrinkage film about 35%, carton packaging about 50%.

Cast Stretch Film Usage

1. Pallet Packaging: Wrap the goods on the tray to form a whole, to prevent in the factory turnover or logistics transport in the process of loose, collapse, deformation, as well as waterproof, dustproof, anti-theft role.
2. Carton Packaging: The use of Blown Stretch Film as a bundle film, can protect the carton from the rain wet, while avoiding courier violence will be broken cartons after the loss of scattered objects inside the situation.
3. Machine cover: Occasional use of the machine can be used Stretch Film wrapping 2-3 layers, to prevent the placement of too long and cause the machine to rust, but also to play a dust-proof effect.
4. Special-shaped product packaging: large-scale special-shaped products can not be customized fixed PE packaging film, at this time you can use Stretch Film packaging, multi-angle all-round without dead angle packaging, to meet your perfect packaging needs.
5. Product Surface protection: Stretch Film because of good self-stickiness, but will not be coated objects to form glue residue. Can be affixed to glass, building materials, ceramics, doors and windows and other smooth surface, to prevent being scratched by sharp instruments.

Why Choose Our PE Stretch Film

1.High quality: Made from high-quality polyethylene, which is strong and durable. It can withstand a lot of wear and tear, making it a good choice for heavy-duty applications.
2.Customizable: We can customize our Wrap Stretch Film to meet your specific needs. This includes the thickness, width, and length of the film, as well as the printing on the film.
3.Easy to use: Easy to use and can be applied using a variety of methods, including hand-held tools and automated machines. This makes it a convenient choice for businesses of all sizes.
4.Affordable: Our cast wrap is an affordable option, making it a good value for your money.
5.Environmentally friendly: In addition to their high stretchability and resistance to impact or tear, our films are 100% recyclable.
stretch film

Stretch Film Manufacturing Process&Loading

LLDPE raw material

LLDPE Raw Material

paper core

Paper Core

finished rolls

Finished Rolls

HB production line

HB Producion Line

casting machine

Casting Machine

rewinding machiner

Rewinding Machiner

carton package

Carton Package

pallet package

Pallet Package

loaded container

Loaded Contianer

Custom Stretch Film

Stretch wrap and/or stretch film is a stretchable plastic film that is wrapped around items and pallets. Stretch films’ elastic properties keep items tightly bound together for packaging, shipping, and storage.Economical polyethylene hi-clarity hi-cling stretch wrap film is offered as bundling stretch film, hand stretch film, extended core stretch film, and machine stretch film rolls.Our stretch wrap features superior break strength, cling, clarity, and tear resistance not found in other stretch film. Extruded or cast polyethylene stretch film and stretch wrap are available depending on your stretch film need.

Stretch Wrap Production Standard

1: There is no black impurity. And the mold should be cleaned.
2: The paper tube must be aligned. The standard white space on both sides is 1CM.
3: When packing, you should pay attention to protect the edge from the collision. It can avoid quality problems caused by edge rupture.
4.: Minimize the surface wrinkles at both ends. And the white pressed lines in the middle.
5: Cut the broken edge neatly. But it can not be shipped as finished products if the cut uneven. So when making goods, both ends must be rolled neatly.

Machine Stretch Film and Manual PE Stretch Film

There are various categories of stretch film, such as hand stretch film and machine stretch film:
Hand Stretch Film: Hand Stretch Film is intended for manual application. It is available in a range of dimensions and thicknesses to meet a variety of packaging requirements. Typically, hand stretch film is applied manually using a handheld dispenser. It is typically used for smaller loads or objects with an irregular shape.

Stretch Film for Machines: Stretch film for machines is designed for use with stretch wrapping machines. These devices automate the wrapping process, increasing efficiency and ensuring that the film is applied consistently and uniformly. Stretch film for packaging machines is available in larger quantities and is suitable for high-volume operations.

LLDPE Stretch Film Application Filed

Applying the film requires pulling and stretching it around objects to create tightly packed and secured product loads. The film comes in a variety of widths, thicknesses, and colors.

Machine Stretch Film application

Machine Stretch Film

Hand Stretch Film application

Manual Stretch Film

Grass Silage Film application

Grass Silage Film

Frequently Asked Questions About Stretch Wrap & Stretch Film

Q: Does thinner thickness mean easier to tear?

In general, yes, thicker stretch film has better tensile strength and puncture resistance. This is because thicker film has more material to resist tearing. Adding metallocene can also improve puncture resistance. Even if the thickness is relatively thin, adding metallocene can still maintain good tensile strength and puncture resistance. However, the more metallocene is added, the higher the price will be.

Q: Your sample tore when I pulled it?

Did you bump the sample after you received it? If it is accidentally bumped during transportation, the damaged part is more likely to tear. We have tested and filmed the samples before sending them, and the quality is good. Please rest assured that the large-quantity packaging will be fine. Our large-quantity packaging is very safe and will not be bumped.

Q: The paper core is rough and easy to scratch my hands.

We can make the paper core smooth, but the cost will increase a little. Or if you buy a whole cabinet, we can give you two or three pairs of handles.

Q: The number of rolls in one cabinet is too small, and the sea freight is so expensive.

You can replace the 76mm inner diameter paper core with a 50mm paper core. The smaller the inner diameter, the smaller the box size, and the more volume will be saved, which can load more goods.

Q: The transverse tensile strength is not good.

Stretch film, also known as stretch wrap, is mainly used for longitudinal stretching. Whether it is machine film or hand film, it is mainly longitudinal stretching. It is rare to require transverse stretching. If you need it, you can tell me the required transverse tensile strength, and we can meet it.

Q: Do you provide customization?

Yes, we provide customization services. We can adjust the thickness, width, length, tensile strength, puncture resistance, etc. of the product according to your specific needs. We can also provide printing, coating, etc. services to meet your personalized needs.

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