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Heat seal BOPP film can be divided into single-side heat seal and double-side heat seal BOPP film.For single-side heat seal BOPP film, the non heat-seal side can be printed and then laminated with PE film, BOPP film and aluminum foil to make bags. Double-side heat sealing film can be heat-sealed directly to package stuffs.

one Heat Sealable Film

One Side Heat Sealable Film

* The heat sealing performance is stable and the sealing effect is excellent;
* The printing color is clear and lifelike, and the composite performance is strong;
* Excellent ink and coating adhesion
* Good smoothness and opening performance

Used for independent packing of small products after partial printing,particularly vertical and horizontal packing,and the lamination of bag-making.


Two Side Heat Sealable Film

1. Both sides can be heat-sealed, with high heat-sealing strength and excellent sealing effect;
2. The corona surface meets the needs of printing and lamination;
3. Low electrostatic properties;
4. The membrane surface is flat and smooth, resistant to stretch and impact;


Two Side Heat Sealable Film
Heat Seal BOPP Film Advantage

1. Excellent heating sealable capacity
2. Good ink and coating adhesion
3. High transparancy and glossy.

Why Choose Our Heat Sealable Film

1.High Quality: Our heat sealing films are produced with high quality raw materials and advanced technology, which have good performance and durability.
2.Diverse Choices: Provide various types of heat sealing film to meet your different needs and accept customization.
3.Favorable price: We provide a favorable price, so you can get high quality heat sealing film at a lower cost.
4.Professional after-sales service: with a professional service team to provide you with a full range of service support.

Applications for Heat Sealable Films

1.Food Packaging: Heat seal film is a common material used for food packaging, as it can help extend the shelf life of food products.
2.Pharmaceutical Packaging: Heat seal film is a common material for pharmaceutical packaging as it can help protect pharmaceuticals from contamination.
3.Electronics Packaging: Heat seal film is a common material for electronics packaging because it can help protect electronics from damage.
4.Other applications: Heat seal film can also be used for other applications such as encapsulating documents, making labels and decorative items.

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