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One Side Heat Sealable Film

One side heat sealable film is a type of film that has a heat-activated adhesive on one side. This allows the film to be sealed to itself or to another surface by applying heat and pressure.

Product Details

Thickness: 15,18,25,27,30,35 mic,Special specification can be customized according to customer requirements.;
Width: Greater than 35 cm. Some factories can make widths less than 35 cm, but there will be a secondary cutting fee.
Roll length: Regular roll length.


* High transparency and glossy
* Excellent heating sealable capacity
* Excellent ink and coating adhesion
* Good slippery and connection open performance
* Excellent oxygen and oil barrier performance
*It is available in a variety of materials, thicknesses, and widths.


It is a versatile and cost-effective packaging material that can be used in a variety of applications.Used for independent packing of small products after partial printing,particularly vertical and horizontal packing,and the lamination of bag-making.

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