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Pearlized Label Film

Pearlized label film is a type of label film or material that has a pearlized or pearlescent finish. it is used for a variety of decorative and branding purposes.

Product Details

*High whiteness, good shading
*Has a higher gloss and pearl luster
*Very low density, weight per unit area, low cost
*Good adhesion with hot melt adhesive
*High stiffness, to meet the requirements of high-speed labeling machine.
*Custom bopp labels

Bopp Label Typical Thickness

28-60mic,Special specification can be customized according to customer requirements.

Use Of Bopp Label

Used for Single-side treatment corona products can be printed after the PET bottles of soft drinks around the labeling,the product has high stiffness, to meet the high-speed labeling machine. Double-side corona treatment products can be printed in the main surface of the corona surface glue, with the release of the paper after the composite, for self-adhesive label.

Technical information

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