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Matte Laminating Film

BOPP Matte Film (matte film) is a kind of plastic matte product with low gloss (gloss less than 15), high haze and diffuse reflection matting effect.The matte film is a film produced by biaxially stretching a matte masterbatch in a single skin layer.

Product Details

*Excellent separation from oil
*High tensile strength
*Excellent ink and coating adhesion
*High matt property
*Both sides corona treated

Typical Thickness

10,12,15,18mic,Special specification can be customized according to customer requirements.


Glossy side glued with paper or other base film compound,commonly used in books,advertising books,gift bags surface composite,the appearance soft,silky and three-dimensional.

Potential applications also include: food packaging, confectionery packaging (twisted conjunctiva), pharmaceutical packaging (IV bags), composite materials to replace PVC in photo albums, folders and documents, synthetic paper, adhesive tape, card holders, circular folders and standing bags.

Technical information

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