For enterprises and individuals using POF heat shrink film, controlling the temperature of heat shrink film is one of the key factors to ensure packaging quality and efficiency. How to control it better? Let the editor of POF shrink film manufacturer take you to understand it together.

POF Heat Shrink Film Features

What is POF Heat Shrink Film?

POF, known as polyolefin heat shrink film, is a widely used thermal shrinkage material in the packaging industry. It features excellent transparency, tear resistance, and high shrinkage capability, making it suitable for packaging products of various shapes and sizes while providing reliable sealing and protection.

Three Key Elements of Properly Controlling POF Heat Shrink Film Temperature:

1. Extruder Temperature Control

  • Control of temperatures in the extruder unit includes middle layer extruder temperature, inner and outer layer extruder temperatures, and temperature control of the extruder unit and die connections.

2.Die Head Temperature Control

  • In POF production, triple-layer or quintuple-layer coextrusion dies with a jacket are typically used. Due to the layers permeating into each other, they are collectively heated externally via the heating elements connected to the die, making individual layer temperature control impractical. Die temperature settings are generally based on achieving optimal bubble clarity and gloss. Higher temperatures may enhance the strength of the three-layer composite materials but could potentially compromise mechanical performance.

Heat Oven Temperature Setting

  • The temperature differential setting for POF heat shrink film depends on the characteristics of the shrink oven itself. The process involves heating followed by shrinkage, with a cooling period upon exiting. Selecting the appropriate shrink oven is critical; different film materials may require ovens with different functionalities. For POF eco-friendly heat shrink films, a recommended choice is a constant temperature circulation oven to ensure even heating throughout the shrink process, thereby optimizing shrinkage results.
POF Heat Shrink Film


Accurately controlling the temperature of POF heat shrink film significantly enhances packaging efficiency and quality, ensuring both the visual appeal and protective performance of packaged products. We hope this information aids in better understanding and application of POF heat shrink film, leading to improved outcomes and economic benefits in your packaging processes.