PVC shrink film, as one of the commonly used materials in the packaging industry, directly affects the packaging effect and protective performance of products. However, we need to know how to judge the quality of PVC shrink film. So, from which aspects can we judge whether the quality of PVC shrink film is up to standard? This article will discuss this in detail from several key aspects.

PVC Shrink Film

Five Aspects to Judge the Quality of PVC Shrink Film

  1. Transparency and Gloss
    Good PVC shrink film has good transparency and gloss. Under sunlight, it should be free of too many impurities, bubbles, haze, or unevenness, appearing relatively clean.
  2. Shrinkage Rate and Shrinkage Performance
    High-quality PVC shrink film has a fast shrinkage ability when processed by a PVC shrink film packaging machine. Poor-quality films cannot shrink well or require two to three passes through the shrink machine to complete the shrinking process.
  3. Sealability
    Often, PVC shrink film may rupture, wrinkle, or develop small holes when passing through the packaging machine, which reflects its sealability. High-quality PVC shrink film has excellent sealability, appearing very attractive after completing the shrinking process, achieving the desired shrinkage effect.
  4. Resistance to Damage and Tearing
    Good PVC shrink film protects products during transportation with high puncture resistance, preventing easy breakage. and should be able to maintain good integrity when torn.
  5. Strong Shrink Memory and Retraction Tightness
    This is evident when packaging entire products or components. The film should protect the products without causing them to scatter or incomplete packaging, similar to the second point.
  6. Checking the Manufacturer and Certification Qualifications
    Finally, when selecting PVC shrink film, it is important to consider the manufacturer and corresponding certification qualifications. Reputable manufacturers usually possess certifications like ISO9001, making their product quality and stability more trustworthy. Additionally, checking the manufacturer’s website or contacting them directly to understand their production process and quality control system can provide more reference for your selection.
PVC shrink sleeve label film

PVC shrink film application

PVC shrink film is widely used in the outer packaging of various products such as food, medicine, sterilized tableware, cultural and sports goods, crafts, printed matter, hardware plastic products, telephones, electronics, and electrical appliances. It is especially suitable for the packaging of irregularly shaped items or the combination (bundling) packaging of products. It not only meets the functions of moisture-proof, dust-proof, tamper-evident, and transparent display but also enhances the attractiveness of product appearance. Moreover, it can replace various paper boxes, saving packaging costs and aligning with packaging trends.

PVC shrink film for packing


To determine whether the quality of PVC shrink film is up to standard, besides the above aspects, you can also comprehensively evaluate it based on actual usage needs and market feedback. I hope the above content can help you choose and purchase PVC shrink film that meets your requirements, ensuring the safety and attractiveness of your product packaging.