bopp double-sided heat-sealing film is a very important flexible packaging material, which is widely used.

Double-sided Heat Sealable BOPP Film Feature

Both sides can be heat-sealed, with high heat-sealing strength and excellent sealing effect;
The film surface is flat and smooth, resistant to stretching and impact;
The corona surface meets the needs of printing and laminating;
Various kinds of categories can meet the diverse needs of customers.

Double-sided Heat Sealable BOPP Film Application

Suitable for folding double-sided sealing food, gift boxes and other packaging;
Double-side heat seal BOPP film can be used for food sealing packaging such as tea, biscuits, and desserts;
Suitable for external packaging such as straws and frozen products.
Besides double-heat seal BOPP film, we also can supply single-side heat seal. In most cases, single-side heat seal can be used as an alternative choice. More importantly, single-side heat seal BOPP film is lower in price.

BOPP heat seal film can be produced by tube film method or flat film method. The properties of BOPP films obtained by different processing methods are also different. The BOPP film produced by the flat film method has a higher stretching ratio (up to 8-10), so the strength is higher than that of the tube film method, and the uniformity of the film thickness is also good.

Selected imported high-quality raw materials are processed through biaxial stretching. Three-layer structure: single-sided heat-sealing, the other side can be a corona surface, which can be printed; can be double-sided heat-sealed. This product has good flatness, good compounding and printing performance, and is suitable for high-speed packaging and printing compound packaging.

Double-sided Heat Sealable BOPP Film

As a manufacturer of BOPP film in China, we have started export since 2010. We have exported to Latin America, Africa, Italy etc. Both of our price and quality are quite competitive.
Besides transparent double-side and single-side BOPP film, we also supply metallic BOPP film, matt BOPP film and pearlized BOPP film. If you have any demand and want to know more about our products, feel free to ask us any time.