In daily life, we commonly use PVC cling film to keep foods fresh. However, do you know how to choose the right item?

Is it safe to use PVC cling film?
It is safe to use PVC cling film. However, you must choose the qualifed product. Meanwhile, you need to keep the use principle like avoiding wrapping high fat food.
What is qualified PVC cling film?
PVC itself is not toxic. What causes it harmful is plasticizer. If PVC cling film contains plasticizer, it can easily imigrate into food. Plasticizer can cause a lot of adverse effects like endocrine disorder etc.

How to choose right PVC cling film?
ESO is epoxy plasticizer. It is an environmentally friendly, plasticized, stable and biodegradable plasticizer. It is allowed to use in PVC cling film processing. It fully complies with the US FDA food additive rules and REACH regulations. So when you choose PVC cling film,you should choose PVC cling film with this kind of plasticizer.