PVC cling film is a thin plastic film that is mostly used to seal and secure food items in containers.Once the food items are sealed, they can stay fresh for a longer time.

PVC cling film is commonly used for


●Wrap fruits, vegetable, cheese, and sandwiches

●Cooked meats, etc.

While PVC cling film has been used very commonly in daily life, a lot of people are still wondering if it is safe to use it.

Yes, it is safe to use PVC cling film.

No evidence suggests that PVC food wrap is harmful, but it is a good idea to keep the wrap at least

However, you should be more cautious when choosing PVC cling film since some PVC cling film contains DEHP, DOP which are harmful to health.

You should choose PVC cling film which only contains DOA and ESO.

cling film

DOA (di-n-octyl adipate) and epoxidized soybean oil that are allowed to be used by the cling film manufacturer.

Epoxidized soybean oil is an epoxy plasticizer, which is a plasticizer and stabilizer widely used in plastic processing.

Epoxidized soybean oil, as an environmentally friendly, plasticized, stable and biodegradable plasticizer, fully complies with the US FDA food additive rules and EU RoHS environmental protection directives and REACH regulations. It is an internationally recognized environmentally friendly green plasticizer and is widely used in food. , pharmaceutical packaging materials, children’s toys, home decoration materials, PVC soft products, as well as transparent bottles, transparent boxes and other fields.