Crosslinking film and POF heat shrink film in the packaging industry a relatively common materials, but many people are not so easy to distinguish, so the difference between crosslinking film and POF heat shrink film embodied in which? Here is a brief introduction to you.

Shrink film is to be used in conjunction with the heat shrink machine packaging materials. POF crosslinking film is a kind of shrink film (POF heat shrinkable film can be divided into three categories: ordinary film, high-end film, crosslinking film). POF crosslinking film is suitable for mechanical packaging, especially for packaging products with special needs, such as lottery tickets, banknotes, electronic products and so on.

POF heat shrink film-

At present, high-performance cross-linked film has been proved to be superior to similar shrink film materials, can be used with a variety of packaging equipment, especially in high-speed equipment performance. Crosslinked films offer stronger shrinkage, better sealing, stronger puncture capability and better brightness and transparency, making them a versatile shrink film with a wide range of applications in the packaging field.

Crosslinking film has excellent shrinkage (80%), stronger physical properties, and sealing more firmly, shrinkage temperature range is wider, etc. Pof crosslinking film in small and light product packaging on the replacement of PE, PVC film, cardboard boxes. PVC film is thick and brittle, moisture resistance and cold resistance and other poor performance, sealing after the corners of the hard and sharp, in the production and use of toxicity and environmental issues, has been in the gradually withdrawal from the market.

Cross-Linked POF Shrink Film-

In general, the crosslinking film is a kind of POF heat shrink film, but will be better than ordinary shrink film, currently widely used in the field of packaging.