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Cross Linked POF Shrink Film

Cross linked POF shrink film is a type of polyolefin shrink film that has been treated with a chemical process to create cross-links between the polymer chains.

Product Details

*Versatile film designed for a wide range of products.
*Strong seals on a wide range of sealing systems.
*High tensile strength and tear resistance .
*High free shrink conforms to odd-shaped items.

Cross-Linked POF Shrink Film Structure Diagram

Cross-Linked POF Shrink Film Structure Diagram

Cross Linked Shrink Film Application

Cross linked shrink film is suitable for mechanical packaging, especially for products with special packaging requirements, such as lottery tickets, banknotes, electronic products, etc. The shelf effect of crosslinked film is also better.

Cross-Linked Polyolefin Shrink Film Technical Information

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