High-Performance POF Shrink Film

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High-Performance POF Shrink Film

High-performance POF shrink film is a type of polyolefin shrink film that is designed to provide superior performance in demanding applications.

Product Details

*High performance and productivity with outstanding yield.
*Soft feel and super optical properties.
*Higher tensile strength.
*Excellent shrinkage performance ≥62%

High Performance POF Shrink Film Structure Diagram

High Performance POF Shrink Film Structure Diagram


High-performance shrink film is used in the sales and transportation process of various products.It is widely used in the packaging of wine, cans, mineral water, various beverages, cloth and other products.The product has good flexibility, strong impact resistance, tear resistance, not easy to break, and is not afraid of moisture.

High Performance Polyolefin Shrink Film Technical Information

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