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Economical POF Shrink Film

Economical POF shrink film is a type of polyolefin shrink film that is made with lower-cost materials. This can make it a more affordable option for packaging applications.

Product Details

*Innoxious property and excellent quality.
*High shrinkage and excellent performance.
*Fine thermal sealing and perfect welding performance.
*Airproof wrapping, dust and damp resistance.
*High diaphaneity and fine luster.
*Freeze resistance with excellent low temperature properties.

Economical POF Shrink Film Structure Diagram

Economical POF Shrink Film Structure Diagram


Mainly used for packaging regular and irregular shaped products. Widely used in automotive supplies, plastic products, stationery, books, electronics, circuit boards, MP3, VCD, crafts, photo frames and other wood products, toys, pesticides, daily necessities, food, cosmetics, canned beverages, dairy products, medicine, Cassette tapes and video tapes and other products.

Economy Grade Polyolefin Shrink Film Technical Information

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