Characteristics of BOPP matte film
1: Good transparency
2: High gloss
3: Good stiffness
4: Good moisture resistance
5: Excellent heat resistance
6: Easy heat sealing and other characteristics

After printing and making bag, it is suitable for clothing, knitwear and flower bag. It is also suitable for documents and albums and food packaging.
Other potential applications include: food packaging, candy packaging (twisted conjunctiva), pharmaceutical packaging (infusion bags), composite materials to replace PVC in photo albums, folders and documents, synthetic paper, self-adhesive tape, card holders, circular folders and standing bags.
BOPP matte film has excellent heat resistance. Since the softening point of PP is about 140, BOPP matte film can be used in hot filling, cooking bags, aseptic packaging and other fields. In addition, it has excellent acid resistance, alkali resistance and oil resistance. So it is the material of choice for bread packaging or laminating materials. It is safe to contact with food. And it doesn’t affect the flavor of the food inside.
BOPP matte film is suitable for covering various labels (non -drying or non -dry labels). The products are crystal clear and the quality is stable.
In order to obtain better comprehensive performance, the multilayer composite method is usually adopted in the use process. BOPP can be compounded with many different materials to meet special application requirements. For example, BOPP can be compounded with LDPE(CPP), PE, PT, PO, PVA, etc. To obtain high gas resistance, moisture resistance, transparency, high and low temperature resistance, cooking resistance and oil resistance.
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