Features of pearlized film:
1. Good brightness, strong pearl effect, small roughness and few bumps.
2. Environmental protection waterproof, moisture-proof, tear-resistant, good stiffness.
3. Suitable for flexo, letterpress, offset, silk screen and other printing, with good color reproduction.
4. Can print thin barcodes and QR codes.
5. Suitable for both cold and hot blanching.

Application of pearlized film

Widely used in printing daily chemical product labels, such as high-end beverage labels and product packaging.
38# bright pearl film – thin material, not easy to warp, can be used for curved surfaces.

White BOPP Film

50# glossy pearl film – widely used for printing daily chemical product labels, such as high-end beverage labels and product packaging.
65# bright pearl film – can replace imported pearl film, after cold and hot stamping test, the printing effect is excellent.

BOPP film introduce

The role of pearlized film

  1. The role of pearlized film is very rich, and it is generally very suitable for the outer packaging of products, especially as a pearl film bag, which is very common. Compared with ordinary plastic bags and paper bags, the pearl film bag is thicker, and the pearl film material used has good anti-extrusion performance, which can well protect the items in the pearl film bag from being damaged during transportation. , especially for the packaging of fragile items such as glass products and electronic products.
    bopp film
  2. Pearlized film has good waterproof, moisture-proof and dust-proof performance, which is more convenient for packaging, storage and logistics transportation of items. It will not affect the performance of items in humid climates or rainy days, and is more suitable for electronic products. Packaging, can ensure the normal performance of the product is inconvenient, and can be used normally;
  3. With the growth of logistics demand, the requirements of product packaging bags are gradually increasing. The self-adhesive sealing pearl film bags used in many logistics are made of high-temperature hot melt adhesive, which is very sticky. It is simpler and easier to operate for the packaging of items, saves packaging time, and improves the efficiency of packaging work. The design of the easy-to-tear strip is also more convenient for buyers to open.