Introduce five kinds of BOPP Film

Ordinary Type

BOPP transparent film is also called light film and flat film. Used in printing, composite (transparent, matte type), coating (adhesive tape and PVDC coated film base film), it is the most versatile and most productive variety of film products; BOPP ordinary film (flat film, light) Membrane) is suitable for printing and packaging of food packaging, paper composite and general packaging.

It is the largest variety of BOPP products and is widely used in various printing and composite products for packaging of various foods and articles. In the consumption of light film, the tape film has a large proportion, and its production characteristics are large output, simple process and low technical requirements.

BOPP matt film (matte film) is a kind of plastic matte product with low gloss (gloss less than 15), high haze and diffuse reflection matting effect. It has the characteristics of similar paper appearance, vivid color reproduction and comfortable hand feeling during printing. The matte film is a film produced by biaxially stretching a matte masterbatch in a single skin layer.

The surface of the matting film looks like paper and natural products. It is mainly used for the combination of books, periodicals, annual newspaper covers, cardboard and other papers. Another application is with polyethylene film, cast polypropylene film (CPP), BOPP film. Pearlescent film, metallized film, etc. are used in various packagings. Currently, the thickness of the matte film is generally about 12, 15, and 18 μm.

BOPP pearl film is white opaque, satin-like texture, soft and pleasing pearl luster, low density, excellent flatness and gas barrier properties. It can be widely used in direct packaging of dried fruits, ice cream, candy, high-grade soap and gifts. At the same time, it is also a good printing substrate, and it is not necessary to make a full-page primer when printing the surface. Therefore, BOPP pearl film is favored. BOPP pearl film Compared with ordinary BOPP film, BOPP pearl film has three typical characteristics: pearl luster, good shading (especially obvious for UV blocking) and low density. In particular, the first two characteristics make it into the high-end market in the packaging field, bringing considerable economic benefits to manufacturers.

Heat Sealing Type

BOPP heat sealing film is divided into single-sided heat sealing film and double-sided heat sealing film. It is a polypropylene heat sealing film (BOPP heat sealing film) which is formed by biaxial stretching of heat-sealing masterbatch on the surface layer. Main application Heat-sealed packaging for food, pharmaceutical and electrical components. In addition to heat sealable, BOPP heat sealable film has printability and is mainly used in the industries of compounding, printing and bag making.

BOPP heat-sealed shrink film or PVC heat-sealed shrink film, also known as smoke film, is suitable for the packaging of cigarettes, poker, tape, mosquito coils, rubber, cosmetics, medicines, tea, perfume, gifts and other boxed items. Although BOPP smoke film is not used in a large amount, it is the most profitable product in BOPP film. The characteristics of production and sales of tobacco film are high technical requirements and high market entry costs.

Label Security Film

BOPP label security film is used for merchandise labels, advertising printing, book magazines, bottle labels and overall packaging. BOPP anti-counterfeiting film is made of BOPP material with high purity and special surface layer formula. It can print laser holographic laser pattern on it, and then can be directly used for packaging, combined with paper to make package; or after aluminum plating After packaging, or after aluminum plating, it is combined with paper to make a package.

BOPP label anti-counterfeiting film is not easy to forge, transparent, easy to identify, anti-counterfeit graphic clear and easy to distinguish, and at the same time increase the aesthetic appearance of the package, so that it can be applied to the packaging and anti-counterfeiting of cigarettes, food, medicine, alcohol and other products. Or made into a security label. In recent years, due to the need for packaging anti-counterfeiting and packaging design, the use of BOPP label anti-counterfeiting film has increased rapidly.

BOPP Metallized Transfer Film

BOPP metallized transfer film is mainly used for vacuum aluminum plating. Traditional gold and silver cardboard are made of aluminum-plated PET film and cardboard. After the environmental protection, the transfer technology was developed to make gold and silver cardboard, that is, after applying a layer of insulation material on PET. Aluminized, and finally the aluminum coating on PET is transferred to the cardboard to form a gold or silver coating. The PET film acts as a transfer medium in the process, commonly known as transfer film.

BOPP transfer film is to replace PET film with BOPP film. Because BOPP film is cheaper than PET, and no need to apply insulation material during use, save one process and corresponding materials, make gold and silver cardboard and PET. The gold and silver cardboard made of the film as the transfer film are uniform in brightness, so a large amount of the PET transfer film is replaced by the BOPP transfer film.

BOPP Electrical Film

BOPP electrical film is mainly used in electronic capacitors and metal capacitors. The technical requirements of BOPP electrical film are very high, and the thickness is required to be 3~20 μm. With the miniaturization and high performance of components, the amount of film below 6 μm is increasing. In addition to the thinning of the film, it is required.

High dielectric strength, high windability, thickness uniformity, etc., have special requirements for the production process, and also have high requirements for equipment technology, process technology and production operators, but also have mature experience.

BOPP Film Use Introduction