1. Stretch packaging than shrink packaging to save raw materials, and do not need to heat shrink packaging machine, save energy.
2. High strength, elastic pull, any geometric shape of the commodity can be wrapped, and can avoid the damage caused by strapping goods, with good anti-loose, rain-proof, dust-proof, anti-theft and other effects.
3. High-performance resins and accessories can be used to meet the needs of different users in a larger range.
4. Can manufacture one-sided sticky products, reduce the noise emitted during winding stretching, reduce transportation, storage process dust, sand particles.

High-quality stretch film features
●High transparency and good gloss
●Rapid contraction at low temperatures
●At high speed, well sealed
●Low temperature and high shrinkage, suitable for small packaging for use in the food field (special type of food)
●Ideal for “one-step” system and semi-automatic L-type shrink seal roller
●20CM diameter rollers are also suitable for small machines
●Effective width: 60 to 1000mm
●Effective thickness: 18, 20, 30, 40 m