Pearlized BOPP film also called as white BOPP film. It is usually used with paper or laminated with transparent BOPP film or PET film to make label.

White BOPP film is often used for food ,chopsticks,gift ,soap package and freeze cold drink such as ice cream .thermal label ,sweet food ,biscuit ,snack food. As well can laminating with CPP or PE film .

Features of white BOPP film

Pearl-like whiteness

Opaque with high gloss

Low density

Excellent stiffness

Outstanding cold adhesive strength

Single / double-side heat sealable

Water, heat, light, and odour-resistant

Printable and recyclable

Pearlized BOPP film label material is made of polypropylene resin, calcium carbonate and pearlescent pigments, and is biaxially stretched after mixing. Due to the mechanical foaming method, the specific gravity of pearlescent film is only about 0.7, while the specific gravity of polypropylene is about 0.9, so flexible packaging companies are willing to choose it because it is cheap, decorative and excellent in performance.

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