The heat of biodegradable materials has been very high, which has been a hot topic of discussion among major manufacturers. But the waves are not as big as imagined. So far, how is the current situation of the whole market?

What about environmental friendly PE film made from recycled materials?

According to statistics, degradable materials account for a very small proportion in today’s plastic products, recycled plastics and biodegradable plastics account for only 19% and 1%, while petroleum-based plastics account for as high as 75% (PE, PP, PET); Traditional plastics remain unchallenged, and high cost and immaturity are important reasons for the limitations of degradable materials.

Among the degradable plastics in the global scope, the largest demand is in Western Europe, accounting for 55%, namely France, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and other countries; Asia and Oceania (excluding China) accounted for 13%. China alone accounts for 12%; Finally, North America accounts for 19%.

In fact, it is not difficult to understand, because Westerners have always attached great importance to environmental protection, but in the face of biodegradable new materials, the local investment and support is not much.

It is believed that many people are curious about where the biodegradable materials that have been developed with such energy can be used for maximum productivity.

According to a 2019 data show that the global degradable plastic capacity structure is the largest flexible packaging and hard packaging, both accounting for 53%, although only in the initial stage, but the product packaging field is still the largest, and with the gradual growth and development, replace the traditional petroleum-based plastic packaging is only a matter of time.

It is not difficult to see that the momentum of degradable plastics is quite strong abroad, and the domestic technology is still needed to break through and support, but the arrival of that day is not known, but the current recycling plastic is still the most suitable material and technology, such as the PE film of Orientflex!