As we all know, PE aluminized film has a bright metallic luster, excellent gas, and light barrier properties, as well as good moisture-proof, heat-resistant, puncture-resistant properties. To a certain extent, it can replace aluminum foil and is widely used in packaging and labeling.

Currently commonly used polyester aluminized film (VMPET), BOPP aluminized film (VMOPP) and CPP aluminized film (VMCPP), as for PE aluminized film (VMPE).

Metalized Film

Manufacturing Process of PE Metalized Film

Aluminum Foil Preparation: Aluminum foil is rolled to the desired thickness and surface finish.
PE Extrusion: PE resin is extruded into a film with the desired properties.
Lamination process: Aluminum foil and PE film are combined under heat and pressure using an adhesive or binder to form a laminated structure.
Surface Treatment: Laminated films can be given additional surface treatments, such as corona treatment, to enhance printability and adhesive properties.

Comparison of the performance of various aluminized films, PE aluminized film and PET aluminized film:

PE Aluminized Film vs. PET aluminized film

PropertyPE Aluminized FilmPET Aluminized Film
MaterialPolyethylene (PE) film laminated with aluminumPolyethylene terephthalate (PET) film laminated with aluminum
CostMore economicalMore expensive
StrengthModerate strength, good for lighter weight applicationsHigh strength, tear-resistant, suitable for heavy-duty applications
Heat Sealing PerformanceModerateHigh
FlexibilityHighly flexible and easily shapedLess flexible than PE, but still offers good formability
CPP Metalized Film

PE aluminized film and CPP aluminized film

FeaturePE Aluminized FilmCPP Aluminized Film
Strength and DurabilityModerate strength, good for lighter applicationsHigher strength and tear resistance, suitable for heavier-duty applications
FlexibilityHighly flexible and easily shapedLess flexible than PE, but still offers good formability
Cold resistanceExcellent in -40 ° C ~ +80 ° C range of normal use0 ° C on the beginning of brittle hard resulting in bag burst.

Cost-benefit analysis of PE aluminized film

As a result of reducing the number of composite layers, simplify the composite structure, and therefore can reduce costs, improve efficiency, but also energy saving and environmental protection, reduce VOCs emissions. Take the common PET//VMPET//PE three-layer structure as an example, if it is replaced by PET//VMPE two-layer structure, the preliminary estimate is about 5%-10% of the cost.

PE aluminized film market prospects

PE aluminized film can be widely used in the field of flexible packaging and labeling for coffee, cold fruits, frozen foods and so on. Due to the above excellent characteristics and performance, it is foreseeable that PE aluminized film will have a broad market space, which has been proved in foreign countries.

PET Metalized Film


The unique combination of properties of PE laminated aluminum film makes it a valuable asset for packaging and industrial applications, providing cost-effective and sustainable solutions to meet the diverse needs of various industries.