Believe that many people are very strange for low odor PE film. In fact, it is a kind of functional film, as the name implies, its function is to make the packaging bag into a low smell.

what is the advantage of this function compared with other packaging film?

First, we must know raw material is plastic film, plastic, no matter how badly compared to glass, metal, paper and other packaging, plastic itself has a certain smell more or less, so with plastic film can’t completely get rid of plastic, itself is a difficult problem in terms of odor, and for flexible packaging, thin film is its biggest raw material.

Few people think that plastic smells good. Even though it’s not safe, if it smells too strong, consumers will be turned off and the company’s image will be damaged, especially in the case of food and snack packaging.

Imagine if you open a bag of snacks and instead of the aroma, you are greeted with a plastic smell. Would you eat it?

Therefore, in the early stage of the packaging industry, because there was no way to completely eliminate all the flavor of packaging film, the smell of packaging film could only be reduced through special methods to meet the needs of customers and make consumers acceptable. However, the method of treating the symptoms but not the root causes soon became ineffective.

Later, with the development, packaging enterprises reduce the plastic smell of the original film through mixing, and solve the problem from the root, which is the low odor PE film.

Low odor PE film not only reduces the original plastic taste, but also improves the oxygen resistance, so many industries are inseparable from low-smell PE film, such as tea packaging, bag drinks, bag snacks and so on, and for such high requirements of pure water products, with low-smell PE film after packaging, can not smell a little taste, It can be said that low odor PE film for flexible packaging industry has brought great possibilities!