Anti-fog film is a special film material widely used in the fields of food, edible fungus, vegetable and fruit packaging, bag making, and lidding film. Its unique double-sided anti-fog, double-sided corona with double-sided heat sealing characteristics, can better protect the goods and achieve the E-class anti-fog effect, and at the same time has excellent heat sealing performance.

Anti-fog Cross-linked POF Shrink Film-2

Application areas of anti-fog film

Anti-fog film is widely used in the food industry, such as cooked food, frozen food, pastries and other packaging.

During the food packaging process, anti-fog film can effectively prevent water vapor inside the package from condensing on the film. resulting in a blurred appearance of the food. The double-sided anti-fog characteristic of this film material makes it possible to keep the food clearly visible, which enhances the consumer’s desire to buy and the added value of the food.

Anti-fog film is also widely used in the packaging of edible mushrooms.

Edible mushrooms usually contain high water content, which is prone to produce water vapor in the packaging, leading to blurring of the surface of the bag. Through the use of anti-fog film, not only can keep the edible fungi clearly visible, but also can extend its freshness period and enhance the value of goods.

Fruit and vegetable packaging is also one of the important application areas of anti-fog film.

The freshness and appearance of fruits and vegetables are very important to consumers, and the double-sided anti-fogging characteristics of anti-fog film can effectively avoid water vapor condensation on the packaging to maintain the fresh appearance of fruits and vegetables. In addition, anti-fog film can also provide a certain degree of antioxidant and anti-ultraviolet function, to further protect the quality of fruits and vegetables.

In the bag-making industry, anti-fog film also plays an important role.

Bag making often requires the use of heat sealing technology, and anti-fog film has excellent heat sealing properties to ensure the sealing and durability of the bags. At the same time, the double-sided corona with double-sided heat sealing characteristics can also improve the production efficiency and quality of bag making.

Anti-fog Cross-linked POF Shrink Film-


In short, anti-fog film is a widely used film material in the food, edible fungi, fruits and vegetables packaging, bag making and other fields. Its double-sided anti-fog, double-sided corona with double-sided heat sealing and other characteristics, to protect the goods of the anti-fog effect of the E level, and excellent heat sealing performance. Whether in the food industry or other fields, anti-fog film can provide reliable protection for products and enhance the added value of goods and market competitiveness.