In flexible packaging industry, metallized BOPP film is commonly used for laminating. It can be one-side heat seal or not on the non- metallized side.

Metallized BOPP film is produced by a thin layer of aluminum deposition on the top of transparent BOPP film. The film looks silver and has very high glossiness. Generally, the alumimum layer is one the treated surface. Therefore, it has a very good adhesion with metal.

Main properties of metallized BOPP film
Very good mechanical and barrier property;
High glossiness and good shading effect on the metal side;
Excellent adhesion on the metal side;
Stable performance.

Applications of metallized BOPP film
Suitable for puffed food packaging;
Used for printing and laminating;
Used for tea, medicine and candy packaging etc;
Specially used for the packaging of tea, medicine, candy, etc.

Meanwhile, for metallized BOPP film with heat-seal, it also can be used for making bags.
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