Pearlized Film is a professional term and a special material, which is generally used as the outer packaging of products. However, I believe that many people do not know much about the pearlescent film, the following and I will take a look at what the pearlescent film is made of ?

pearlized films

The production principle of pearlescent film

Typical pearlescent film is the use of A/B/A 3-layer co-extruded bi-directional stretching method for the production of BOPP pearlescent film, in which B is blended with pearlescent masterbatch of polypropylene, A is a kind of with the pearlescent film surface properties of the PP copolymer with good heat sealing properties. Bi-directional stretching is carried out below the melting point of B material and above the melting point of A material.

Because of the high number of pearlescent inorganic pigment particles in the B material, the bi-directional stretching produces the effect that the polypropylene molecules will be aligned in the direction of the external force, while the distance between the pearlescent pigment particles will be enlarged, forming some pores and making the B layer a mechanically foamed foam. Therefore, the pearlescent film with A/B/A structure can be called a bi-oriented stretching BOPP foam film, which has a smaller density of 0.7 to 0.75 compared to the general BOPP film, which has a density of about 0.9.

The A material layer is present to protect the B material layer and to impart heat sealability to the BOPP pearlescent film. As a result, the heat sealability of the A/B/A structure of the pearlescent film is very good. In contrast, pearl films produced using only B-material rely only on the porosity of the film and a small number of undirected PP molecules to provide a little bit of heat sealability, and the heat-sealed pearl film can be easily torn.

Pearlized Label Film

BOPP pearlescent film characteristics

BOPP pearlescent film is silver-white in color, which can reflect more light, and its gas and water resistance is also better than other kinds of BOPP films. It has excellent protection for products that need to be protected from light. Its density is low, unlike BOPP glossy film, the density of pearlescent film is mostly controlled below 0.68, which is conducive to cost saving.

BOPP pearl film applications

Thickness 35μm double-sided heat sealing pearlescent film BOPP can be directly used for ice cream and other cold drinks packaging, can also be used for candy, chocolate, soap and other protective packaging. BOPP pearlescent film is made by evenly dispersing granular CaCO3 masterbatch in homogeneous polypropylene, and then forming many holes in the polypropylene during the stretching process, which are the holes that refract the light and produce the pearlescent effect. Double-sided heat-sealed BOPP pearlescent films with a thickness of 30μm are widely used for the packaging of cookies, candies, sweets and snacks.


The above is about what is the material of pearlescent film, the role of pearlescent film related content, I hope it can help you!

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