As we all know, in order to obtain exquisite plastic packaging, food packaging can effectively protect the commodity, with the ability to reproduce the shape, style and color of the commodity, which not only reflects the high quality of the commodity, but also to highlight the company’s products. Among them, the plastic film is required to be light and transparent, soft, strong, moisture-proof, waterproof, chemical stability, corrosion resistance, oil resistance, heat resistance, cold resistance, pollution resistance, thermal bonding, strong adaptability to climate change and other characteristics. Food grade PE film can meet requirement.

The selection of enhanced food packaging film:

1. Films must be in full compliance with hygienic standards. That is, the film itself does not produce the migration of toxic substances, non-toxic, odorless, no smell

2. The film must have a certain mechanical strength, smooth attack surface, non-water absorption, corrosion resistance and other excellent properties. The moisture-proof packaging, vacuum packaging and inflatable packaging of food should have the function of preventing the water vapor and oxygen in the environment from permeating into the packaging bag and preventing the inert gas in the bag from escaping. For quick-frozen food packaging, there should be no low temperature freezing resistance. The film used for making “cooking bag” is required to have high temperature cooking resistance. For oily food packaging, it is required to have oil resistance and ultraviolet penetration resistance.

3. The film should have good brush adaptability, good sealing and mechanical packaging adaptability.

4. The film should be economical. Under the premise of effectively protecting the commodity, the material with good quality and cheap price should be selected

5. Without static electricity or after antistatic treatment, remove static electricity. All of the above characteristics are ideal, because no single plastic film can have all of the above characteristics, just as no one is perfect. The best idea is to choose the appropriate film according to the different nature of the inner package. Avoid food deterioration caused by improper selection of packaging materials or defects such as poor adhesion, blocking, wrinkling, perforation and broken bags in the process of mechanical operation.