PET Heat sealable film plays an important role in the packaging industry, but problems are often encountered during its use. Understanding these common problems and how to solve them is critical to ensuring the quality of product packaging. In this article, we will discuss the common problems of PET heat sealable film and provide practical solutions for users.

Two Side Heat Sealable Film

4 common problems with PET heat sealing film

Common Problem 1: Poor sealing

Problem description: A weak seal can lead to package breakage or product moisture. This can be caused by too low or too high a heat sealing temperature, insufficient sealing time or insufficient sealing pressure.
Adjust heat settings and pressure based on film thickness and type. Consider using sealing tape or pads for extra strength.

Common Problem 2: Air bubbles or wrinkles appearing

Problem description: The appearance of bubbles or wrinkles will affect the appearance of the package and may affect the quality of the product. This may be caused by excessive sealing speed, excessive heat sealing pressure, uneven temperature or uneven packaging material.
Reduce sealing speed to allow for proper film heating. Ensure packaging surfaces are flat, clean, and free of debris before sealing.

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Common Problem 3: Heat Sealable Film Aging or Degradation

Problem Description: Prolonged use or improper storage conditions may cause PET heat sealing film to age or deteriorate, causing it to lose its original properties and affecting the sealing effect.
Regularly replace film, especially for frequent use or long-term storage. Store unused film in a cool, dry place away from sunlight and heat.

Common Problem 4: Unclear sealing line

Description of the problem: Unclear sealing lines may result in unsightly packages that are prone to breakage. This may be caused by unstable temperature of the sealing machine or uneven sealing pressure.
Ensure stable machine temperature and adjust pressure for a clear, even seal. Perform regular maintenance for optimal machine performance.


PET heat sealing film has an important position in the packaging industry, but it often encounters some problems in the process of use. By understanding and addressing these common issues, users can effectively utilize PET heat seal film to maintain high-quality product packaging.