1. The opp packaging bag is easy to use, light in material, scratch-resistant and wear-resistant.

2. The opp packaging bag can be made into printing bag, card head bag, etc. The bag body is printed with the manufacturer’s promotional slogan or pattern, which makes the packaged product look beautiful. attract the attention of consumers.

pof heat shrinkable film

3. The opp packaging bag has good sealing performance. When using the opp mask packaging bag, there is no need to worry that the mask will become wet and moldy.

4. The opp mask packaging bag is made of opp material and is a special packaging bag made by high temperature molding. It can also play a sterilizing role in the high temperature molding process.

5. Strong anti-counterfeiting. The synthetic technology and special printing technology used in opp mask packaging bags have high technical content and are almost impossible to counterfeit, which provides a strong guarantee for product anti-counterfeiting.

6. The raw materials used in the new opp mask packaging bags are all degradable materials, which meet relevant standards in terms of environmental protection.