With the improvement of living standards, cling film has become a commonly used packaging material in daily life. However, there are many types of cling film on the market, among which those made of PVC and PE are the most common. However, these two materials are similar in appearance, but there are differences in performance and safety. For your health and safety, you need to learn to differentiate between PVC and PE materials when buying and using cling film.

Food Grade Cling Film

Cling film sold on the market is divided into PE, PVC and PDVC three categories, of which PE and PDVC two materials are safe for human beings, while PVC cling film contains carcinogenic substances, the greater the harm. PVC nature itself is relatively hard, wear-resistant, but if you do cling film, to plasticize the plasticizer should be added to a large number of plasticizers (plasticizers), but the plasticizer is not soluble in cool water, at 60 degrees Celsius when or above, or it will be precipitated in oils and fats, especially in vegetable oils. Therefore, never PVC plastic wrap packaging for cooked food and other oily food, and do not put it into the microwave oven for heating.

How to identify pvc cling film?

PVC cling filmPE plastic wrap
Check the logoPVC cling film material identification for “PVC” or “polyvinyl chloride”“PE” or “polyethylene”
Observation of the appearancegood gloss, looks clear and transparent, because of plasticizers, the light is not goodslightly lower transparency and poor gloss
Combustion testthe flame was yellowish-green after ignition with fire, there was no oil dripping phenomenon, leaving the fire source extinguished, and there was a strong pungent odorburns slowly, has a yellow flame and smells like a burning candle
Solubilitythe density of the PVC cling film is greater than that of water, immersed in water will be sunkPE cling film into gasoline or kerosene, it will not dissolve
Heating testharden, shrink, or even melt when heatedbecome soft after being heated, but it will not melt
Cling Film


We hope that this text can help you better understand the difference between PVC and PE cling film, and buy safe and secure cling film products.

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