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Ultra Thin POF Shrink Film

Ultra thin POF shrink film is a type of polyolefin shrink film that is very thin. It is typically 10 to 20 microns thick, which is about half the thickness of standard POF shrink film.

Product Details

*Outstanding yield and thin gauge allows for material saving.
*Optimal shrinkage at low temperatures.
*Excellent optics for outstanding shelf appeal.
*The packaging speed of single wound film can reach 160–220pcs/min.
*Broad sealing characteristics, including static sealing.

Ultra Thin POF Shrink Film Structure Diagram

Ultra Thin POF Shrink Film Structure Diagram


Mainly used in the food and beverage industry. Used for bowl noodle packaging, milk tea packaging, etc. This special film has high transparency and static adhesive sealing function, which ensures faster, more stable, more perfect and cost-saving product packaging.

Technical Information

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