BOPP film is a very commonly used raw material in flexible packaging industry. For making label, what kind of BOPP film is generally applied?
Most common types of BOPP film for label
White BOPP film
White BOPP film is the most commonly applied for making label. It is non-toxic, extremely durable, and moisture-resistant.
White BOPP film has silver-white pearlescent color. It can reflect light and has excellent gas barrier, water barrier and light barrier.
It has an excellent protective effect on products that need to be protected from light.

Its density is low. Unlike BOPP light film, the density of white BOPP film is mostly controlled below 0.7. So it is very cost-efficient.
Clear BOPP film
Clear BOPP film is durable and moisture-resistant. It provides the additional benefit of virtual invisibility because of its high transparency.
Also, it has good ink adhesion and can be printed with different kinds of colors.